ZiniTevi Download

We all love to watch videos whenever possible. Now most of us used to have streaming app for video streaming with our mobile devices and even in smart TV. ZiniTevi is a good video streaming app for all with fast growing popularity.

ZiniTevi is completely free application using thousands of users in worldwide.

As this is a  Movie streaming application which is an ever best alternative for every other streaming apps.

ZiniTevi app supports all your devices like mobile , TV models and to your personal computers  with Windows/mac os.

You can follow zinitevifree.com to install this application directly to your device within few clicks.

You are able to download Zinitevi to your device easily as it is compatible with all your devices and operating systems.

Zinitevi Direct Download is Available with Following Links.


ZiniTevi features on Iphone, Ipad, Android Smart Phone and Tabs.

  • Brings you a huge collection of movies and TV shows.
  • You can watch movies online / download to see offline.
  • Download videos without any restrictions
  • Movie list is categorized for easy use.
  • Capability of video Streaming to other platforms like Web Browser, Airplay, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV, Smart TV
  • Support for multiple languages
  • High speed direct download links with HD format

This grate app always refreshes its movie & TV shows list with latest movies, So you can see new movies easily. Usually its movies are in 720p or 1080p HD format so you can enjoy them much better.  

As well it brings you a well categorized movie list, you can easily find a movie you want.

Zinitevi Compatible Devices

  • Apple Ios 9 + devices iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  • Lolipop + running Android Devices
  • Android version 5+
  • PC & Laptop with Widows/ Mac os

Zinitevi for ios Devices

ZiniTevi for iOS is the new app allowing you to watch movies and TV series on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch screen for free.

You no need to Jailbreak your devices to install this app and it brings you HD movies with regular updates to compatible with your ios version.

You will be able to get Zinitevi for your iOS device with iOS 9 or later.

Zinitevi APK for Android Devices

You can easily download and install zinitevi APK to your Android device. Then you no need rooting your device for installation.

Also it is better to keep the app updated with your device for better operation. It is safe to download Zinitevi APK to all your android devices and you may need Android 5.0 or above version for better function.


What is Zinitevi?

Zinitevi is one of the best apps available for video streaming [TV shows, movies] to your IOS devices, Android devices, PC and laptops.

Is it free to download?

Yes, As it is a free app you can download and install it for free of charge.

Is Zinitevi a safe app?

It is a fully safe application for any compatible device. Then it runs very reliable way with ios, android operating systems.

Is Zinitevi a legal app?

Yes it is completely legal application. So serves you without breaking any rule and regulation laid down by authorities.


Becoming a most popular video streaming app the Zinitevi serves you always free of charge. Huge collection of moves and TV shows are available for online and offline entertaining for your ease. Then you can install it to your ios/ Android devices and PC with regular updates and bug fixes.