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General is only tutorial based blog which is developed as only educational based website. This website has many articles, You can use our guides only for knowledge purpose. We are not zinitevi application developers, This website is developed only as tutorial based guides for loving users. Please follow our Privacy policy for further information.

This is only tutorial blog, We are not hosted any application and also this blog is not promoting/distributing/downloading any Zinitevi or illegal application. If you found any unwanted product or service with this blog, Please contact us with [email protected] 

You can use this blog as application review website. Our reviews are help to users to touch with best application with their requirement. We are not owned any application or product. So we do not have any logo or trade mark, All logos and trade marks mentioned with this blog is owned by respective owners/companies.

We are highly restricted with pirated apps. So this website is not promoting/distributing any pirated apps. We can recommend to follow Play Store/App Store/Amazon Store and reputed app store apps to touch with requirement.

Blog Purpose, Content and Period

Our Blog main purpose is to give proper guides for users. Our application specialist tested each articles before released for users. We are mainly concern with application errors and how to fixed errors for users. Perhaps we are releasing guided videos with Youtube. Our user feedback is very important to us. If you have any error regarding our articles, Please comment or message to us.

How we are collecting user information ? Why ?

Google webmaster and Analytics is the main source to we are collecting user information. Actually we are using these information for limited time to give better service for users. Webmaster tool is providing health of our site and Analytic tool is giving user flow within our blog. These information will help to give better feedback for our loving users and also we are monitoring users with analytics easily.

Type of Data Collected, Why ?

This website is not collecting users personal and security information. We are not selling product or service. However we are using third party advertising programs which may contain selling platform. Please follow trusted sources to before you give personal information.

We are using following data from users

–       User name

–       Email address

–       Website (optional)

All of these information are using to give guides for users. Our team is willing to answer for user questions as soon as possible.

About External Links

We are giving applications guides for users. Therefore external links are provided to give better result for users. We are unable to manage other website links, Also is not responsible with third party app links. If you found any bad link with this blog, Please message to us. We can highly recommend to follow other websites privacy policies before use. Our team is always willing to support for our fans as well as we can. Also we are unable to maintain other websites privacy policies.

About Advertisement Programs

We hope to join with Google adsense program with this blog. However we are not join with unnecessary advertisement programs. If, any user interesting to advertise with us, Please message to us. We like to join under our Privacy Policies. Our first priority is user, So we are only expecting reputed advertisement companies.

Website Cookies

This blog is not using cookies to traking data.

Protect User information

This website is not managing user information (We are not maintain users database). User email address, user name or website is not sharing with third parties. If you found any illegal part with this blog, Please comment or message to us with the link.

Why we are using information

  • Google analytics is using to improve user experience and quality of our site.
  • Give solutions for users to regarding their questions
  • Inform update regarding apps and features
  • Prevent defect and for user satisfaction

Privacy Policy Update

We hope to develop this website with user feedback, Also we are updating policies time to time. Please follow our privacy policies if you have any question with our policies, Please message to us.

Last Updated 10.01.2022

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