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Apps and games on your smart phone are essential to use it effectively. But all default apps are not fulfilling your needs at all. So you all love to see different apps and games on you iphone, ipad. Panda Helper ios download is well build 3rd party app store for every ios device. So this will be a good move to install thousands of free apps and games.

panda helper app

Installing strange apps and games are not allowed by the ios, then you need to find away to do so. But main thing is you do not need to Jailbreak your device as well as no need to have pc support. So this cute app can be installed to your i-device directly.

Features of panda helper on iPhone,iPad.

  • It is a user friendly app and has a colorful interface.
  • It is compatible with all iOS/Android devices
  • You can download the app easily to your device.
  • You no need computer support to install.
  • No rooting to install it to your Android devices
  • No need to jailbreak your i-device for installing
  • .It brings you thousands of apps and games for free.
  • Popular 3rd party apps and games are available.
  • It offers regular updates with new features.
  • No need apple ID.
  • Many other features you can see while using.

There are two versions of the app, one is paid and the other is free. But you can have these two effectively to get free and paid which PandaHelper free and PandaHelper VIP.

Panda helper ios

Panda Helper free download to your iPhone, iPad.

Pandahelper free is easily to download to your i-device with many free apps and games. This is not a bigger app. So having a little space on your device, permits you to get this app. This free version displays ads while using which will make you a bit upset. Also this will prone to revoke.


Panda Helper VIP download to your iPhone, iPad.

This is the paid one and you have to pay some amount to use this once at installation for a single device. Then you can have a license for one year. You can use this license for single i-device for one occasion and you can reinstall the app to the same device, but if you change the device, you will have to pay. Also it is free from regular ads so users can use the app without disturbances from ads. During the license period you are able to install apps unlimited times.

PandaHelper APK

Panda helper apk


Most of ios app installers do not provide android apps but  Panda helper is not limit to ios devices. It service extended to Android devices through Panda Helper APK. This is free to download to your android smart phone and tab. It brings you android support new apps and games for free. Also it brings you frequent update which is for bug fixes and new contents.

Panda Helper is a fully safe 3rd party application and you can use it without any doubt.


Panda helper is one of better third party app stores in the app world. It serves for both IOS and Android devices perfect.

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